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Dear Yachtsmen and women,

The whole point of sailing with your friends and family on the great Mediterranean sea is to drop your anchor in one of its beautiful spots, protected by the sometimes cold wind, surrounded with a magnificent landscape and looking straight though the cristal clear turquois water and contemplate the colorfull fish swimming around and under your ship.

You want to plunge in the refreshing water in this pardise of tranquility, have lunch and dinner on the aft deck, get a suntan while having a nap on a gently rocking deck.

That is the picture we all have in our head when we set out to sail.

Most of us do not have the opportunity to spend weeks or months for our favorite leasure-time.

Very often our holidays a re limited and we cannot waste time searching for the right bay and hope that we'll spend a nice day or a quiet night.


I was in this same situation for years experiencing rough nights on anchor in a bay that seemed nice and tranquil, but sometimes the swell made me roll out of my bed at night. To the point of getting under way again at 3 AM to find peace and quiet somewhere else

Thus over the many years of sailing around, I started to make notes and took photos, because a picture is worth a thousand words.

That is how I started to compile the best anchorings, describe them, go back there in different seasons, stay overnight and during the day.

This book gives you first hand experience and descriptions of the best anchorings in the greatest area of the Med: from Marseille to Menton. It features all the anchorages that are worthwhile to visit and descibes the surroundings, leasure spots, restaurants, discoveries, etc. Every anchoring also has a direct link to Google Earth.

It is very difficult to find a publisher and even more so to get distribution in the shops. This makes books very expensive and often impossible to find.

This e-book of 100 pages is more practical and better value for money, you carry it around on your laptop, your web book or your iPad and you can quickly consult anchorages and compare them, while the gps coordinates give you the precise location.

The ebook and the website enable me to make changes and add features and anchorages as time goes by.

Once you carry this book with you, you realise its value to plan your daytrips and your holiday trips.

A great looking e-book in full color with lots of photos, made in the universal pdf format, in both English and French.
Copy it on your Windows PC, Mac, Linux computer, tablet or iPad and have access to the information at all time when you are sailing the Med and when you plan your holidays. Become a Medyachter.


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